How to continue the Main Process instance, having killed a local one in a multi-instance Subprocess?

Hi folks,

My use case consists of 2 individual processes.

The Main process calls (through a Multi-Instance Call Activity) a Subprocess.
The Subprocess initially had 17 running process instances of which 14 have been successfully completed.
I was obliged to “kill” (by deleting from Cockpit) the other 3 ones (in Subprocess) so as to be able to continue with the Main Process.
My problem is that now the token hasn’t arrived in the Main Process and instead, I see the 14 completed local instances in the Multi-Instance Call Activity.

Does anyone know please what can I do in order to continue with the Main Process in this case ?

Thanks a lot in advance,

How does your parent process looks like? can you upload the bpmn model?

Hi @aravindhrs and thanks for your reply :slightly_smiling_face:

My parent (Main) process is the following one:

And the called Subprocess is this one:


They are designed in different bpmn files (they are uploaded here):

Main Process.bpmn (6.6 KB)
SubProcess.bpmn (4.8 KB)

If you have any problems with greek names in models, you can tell me to translate into english :slightly_smiling_face:

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I tried to update the ACT_HI_* table in my H2 Database by changing the state (in the last column) of the 3 deleted local instances (from “EXTERNALLY TERMINATED” to “COMPLETED”) but nothing changed regarding the status of the process flow.

My process flow has stopped in the Call Activity which calls the Multi-Instance Subprocess (as depicted above in my screenshots).

Has anyone got any possible idea on this issue please ?