How to convert all activiti deployed bpmn files to camunda?

i used from blog post and migrate from activiti to camunda successfully but i want to convert all previuse deployed bpm file to camunda. in realy i want to convert all data that stored in column bytes_ on table ACT_GE_BYTEARRAY.
in my application differnt verson of any process exist. all process redeployed to db but because some of those Have changed over time and a lot of instance of those executed and finished when I search in my app on archive (contain all task done) camunda engine parser throws parsing exception (activiti:formKey vs camunda:formKey). i want to know if camunda have any api to convert activiti bpmn file to camunda.

Hi @vahidalz,

There is no such API. You could write a database script or a standalone application that does the job for you. Note that you don’t need to change the namespace prefix of every activiti attribute but only the namespace url of the activiti namespace to, assuming you only use extension attributes that exist in Camunda as well. In general, make sure to back up the database contents before doing this as you can easily break your process models.


@thorben thanks for replying