How to copy the result of the DMN in a CMMN to other task in CMMN in Camunda 7.6 version on Widfly

Hi All,

I am trying to invoke a DMN in a CMMN , but I am not able to copy the result of the DMN to other task which comes after the DMN in a CMMN .

If any one could help on this it would be greatful.


Hi Ayush,

can you please provide your CMMN case definition. See the User Guide for details about the mapping of the decision result.

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Hi Philipp ,

Please find attached are the cmmn and dmn files.

Ayush.underwriting-case.cmmn (11.5 KB)

Support_itcket.dmn (1.6 KB)

Not sure it is necessary in this case, but you can map the decision result back into a case variable using a listener:

As far as I can tell, your result mapping should be enough to populate the variable.


Hi @ayushsoni2001,

it seems that you have a typo in the decisionRef attribute:

<cmmn:decisionTask id="DecisionTask_1ed9k18" decisionRef="deision" camunda:mapDecisionResult="singleEntry" camunda:resultVariable="result" />

In case this is not the problem, can you please provide a failing test case?

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