How to create a plugin using Angular CLI (>= v8)


I am using camunda with spring boot and want to write my own Camunda plugins using Angular CLI.

I tried already this tutorial / snippet (camunda-7-code-examples/snippets/springboot-customized-webapps at main · camunda-consulting/camunda-7-code-examples · GitHub) and it works great. So I know how to customize the layout from the webapps.

But now I want to write my own plugins.Right now I am very familiarwith Angular CLI and so I want to use this language / framework for writing the plugins.

I found several articles about writing plungins for Camunda in common, but none of them are using Angular CLI.

→ here I have a problem, that the used dependency is not available in the Maven Central Repository


Does anyone have a simple “Hello World” plugin example based on Angular CLI (not Angular JS)?

Thank you very much in advance,