How to Create AuthToken to access TaskList API incase of Self Managed Deployment


I want to explore the graphql tasklist restapi of Camunda 8.

Not sure how to get the access token in case of self managed deployment.


I am running Camunda 8 platform as a self managed deployment where I have elastic, zeebe, tasklist running on my laptop.

I was going through the article - tasklist REST API Overview | Camunda Platform 8 and wanted to invoke the API’s through POSTMAN.

Since its a self managed deployment,

what should be the inputs for below parameters to get the authentication token ?

  "client_id": "<client-id>",
  "client_secret": "<client-secret>",
  "audience": "<audience>",
  "grant_type": "client_credentials"

I am trying to fetch the token by invoking a POST method to url - http://localhost:26500/oauth/token. I hope the url is correct.

Thanks in advance

Hey @hari_kiran!
Maybe it is worth to try and run the Camunda 8 docker-compose.yaml and see if it is going to work with that one. It include Zeebe, Tasklist, Operate and ElasticSearch without any IAM and Security.

I am also wondering how you obtained the source code for Tasklist? As far as I am concerned the code is not available to public.

Let me know if you make any progress with this approach!

Hi @Hafflgav , I’m sorry, I mis-written it as code, I actually downloaded the binaries from Release Camunda Platform 8.0.0 · camunda/camunda-platform · GitHub

I have a windows laptop and hence cannot run the docker on this one. Any other approach that you can suggest that I should try ?

@hari_kiran you should be able to run docker on windows.

Thanks @Hafflgav

I also found another way.

As mentioned in this article: Getting Started with Camunda Platform 8’s GraphQL API - Camunda we can invoke the tasklist login service to fetch the session id and use it in the further api calls to fetch the data.

We are able to use the session id returned in the above call in the further api calls as below.

Hope others find this useful as well.


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Hey @hari_kiran!
Thanks for posting this :slight_smile:

Just a little addition: If you use Camunda Identity and Keycloak this is authentication is not possible. So make sure to only use the core components when doing so. :slight_smile:

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