How to create dynamic user task generation within a process?

Hi All,
I have a scenario where a request can have multiple user tasks. What we wanted to do is to generate N user tasks based on a variable value.

For example, ReqX can have 2 user tasks, ReqY can have 3 users tasks and ReqZ can have N user tasks and so on.
Additional points:

  • Assignee can be different for each user task
  • Task name should be based on variable name
  • Tasks can be independently completed by assigned user and once all the child tasks are marked complete the token should move forward to the main process(similar to merging at parallel gateway)

I can write up some logic in service layer to handle this scenario but wanted to check if we can achieve with a BPD. Appreciate any suggestions or inputs.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @Arjun1007
I think using multi instance user task could be a solution to your modeling.

Thanks @mrdavoodi64 for your reply. I looked at using multi instances but couldn’t get dynamic task name/assignee. We have decided to write custom service implementation for the use case.

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