How to create group in the camunda 8

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i m unable to get information on creating the groups in the camunda 8, could some one help me here?

Hi @shridhara_bm

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right now i m unable to see the identity… i got stuck …

Hi @shridhara_bm ,

Are you using self-managed version or Saas?
How did you deploy camunda ?
Any screenshot of the error and further information would be helpful

right now i setting up the camunda self-managed in that I have added the keyclock i can able to create the group and assign it.
@Praveen_Kumar_Reddy let me know in the cloud how to create the users, I have tried to create a user but it’s sending an invite for activating the user with the respective mail ID.

@shridhara_bm ,

Camunda self-managed version can installed and setup on your own infrastructure. users, groups can be created using keycloak and authenticated with it

Where as Saas version will be hosted by camunda in cloud and users can be added into the console’s organisation by inviting them through their email Id’s and user will be authenticated with them

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