How to define case input parameters?

I did find any way to define case input parameters to set during case creation in case modeler.
Is it possible or not in Camunda ?
Is it a way to define required input parameters ?
What is the way to create case variables ? (case variable listener may be).
Thanks for help.

It sounds like you’re referring to an HTML case form. I can follow-up on that later. But, here’s a Java API example - showing the Camunda SDK interaction with a “start-case” scenario.

Starting a case with JSON formatted values received via a JAX-RS post

I tend to use a facade pattern to help simplify external ReST clients - simplifying the ReST API requirements for integration developers.

ReST POST payload

      "caseID": "case_simple_01_cid",
      "processVariables": [
          "name": "hello",
          "value": "greetings Camunda Case"
          "name": "myName",
          "value": "Joe Smith"
          "name": "customer",
          "value": "Bob"

Loading and starting a case

// get case ID
    // NOTE: Using the "General -> Case Id" field value from the CMMN case model
    String caseID = postpayload.findValue("caseID").asText();"*** caseBasicStart - caseID: " + caseID);  
    // get the case/process variables
    final JsonNode arrNode = postpayload.get("processVariables");
    Map<String, Object> variables = new HashMap<String, Object>();

    for (final JsonNode jsonNode : arrNode) {
      variables.put(jsonNode.findValue("name").asText(), jsonNode.findValue("value").asText());
    // start the case
    CaseInstance caseInstance = caseService
        .withCaseDefinitionByKey(caseID) // NOTE: this is the field value from General -> Case Id field
    String ciid = caseInstance.getCaseInstanceId();"*** caseBasicStart - case started - ciid: " + ciid);"*** caseBasicStart - case is active: " + caseInstance.isActive());  

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