How to delete process definition?

I execute DELETE Rest API command:

returns 200, great
I enter ‘Dashboard » Processes’ and… process exists
How to make it works?
And there’s relly no simpler way to do this? Some GUI?

You can do it via cockpit ui:

@Gosforth which version of camunda you’re using? Deleting process definitions was never been a problem.

Latest one. This method u post link does not work. I delete and… process exists.
Anyway, is there any civilized way to do that? What isso difficult to create menu for that?

So it looks like this is a pretty easy way to delete a process definition

It might only exist in the EE version though.
I would say that this isn’t too hard to implement actually, so if you wanted to you build a plugin for the CE version.
You can follow this tutorial video and use these docs.
Hope that helps.

Well… It does not speak well you don’t know this option is simply not available in the community. ‘Build plugin’? You must be kidding.
If I wanted to play with ‘classes’, ‘scripts’, ‘compilation’ I would prefer to start my own BPMN project. We have 2021; most of us do not want to mess with files and commands. Editing files in shell is not really cool - this is unproductive.
I am an engineer and I don’t want to do this. Waste of time. Whatever you do, think about the user. Simplicity comes first.
I am very disappointed with the Camunda ‘platform’. I really like the modeler (especially the diagram style). I promised myself a lot on your ‘platform’. But I see that this product is completely out of place today. Writing a class to open a connection to the base ?! :slight_smile: See how it can be done in other software. If you are open minded, I believe you will try to rethink what I am saying. You will never win the market with such software - it will always be a niche (smaller, bigger, but niche).

I tend to use the EE version most often, so i couldn’t really remember. I’m sure you can check :slight_smile:

True that some things i say are often assumed to be jokes, but this isn’t one of those. Being able to build your own plugins is a great features! Trust me, if you where a software dev, you’d love it! :electric_plug:

Looking forward to seeing you processes engine! Hope you’ll make it open source? I love playing around with classes and scripts etc. :wink:

I’m not sure what you mean by this exactly, but you can indeed run java classes with Camunda, it’s espeicially useful if you want to embed the engine in spring boot. Developers really love this feaure so perhaps it’s not really intended for people with your experience. Luckily templating is available for non-coders.

I’m not exactly sure if you’ve given any concise insight actually - are there specific features you’d like to see, if you know any software developers you can ask them to post a feature request on our JIRA.
Looking forward to your contribution. :slight_smile: