How to deploy correctly :(

I have got this Problem :

When I deploy , I got issue like this on the log :

An exception occurred in the persistence layer. Please check the server logs for a detailed message and the entire exception stack trace. [ deploy-error ]

I just follow the tutorial from

Camunda Platform 7 Tutorial: Building a Process and Adding Forms in Camunda Run - YouTube

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Fian Riyadi

hi @fianriyadi
Could you please share the full log?

it is fine now. thank you. but i also hv problem, i have made a website with its web service, is that possible to connect them with camunda ?

could you explain the use case in more details?

So i have a process like at the foto, and before it finish i`d like to put my automitaions calculation webservice on my website that i have made with node js. just like embeddd or call able or something like that, however it should be connect with my workflow on camunda on the task (blue circle), is that possible? how can solve the problem?