How to design a web-hook rate limiter in zeebe?

Usecase -
Workflow is subscribed to a kafka topic. Each kafka message is to be sent to a 3rd party web-hook. This webhook has a rate limiting of only 2 messages per second.
How can I guarantee this rate limiting in zeebe workflow? Thanks in advance.

Hi there, it sounds more something that you will do in the consumer of Kafka messages, not in Zeebe.
Can you please elaborate more about why you want to do it in Zeebe? There is no rate limiting in Zeebe as far as I am aware and modelling in BPMN sounds a little bit weird. You can always wait for a message and use a timer every second to emit events out.

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@salaboy Thanks for the reply. Also great demo yesterday at knative meet. That inspired me to dive deep in zeebe.

So, consumer of kafka messages is a zeebe workflow start event (using Zeebe sink connector)

How my workflow will look like -

  1. read messages from kafka
  2. filter them on some conditions
  3. some data transformation
  4. send data to web-hook which has rate limiting

I saw this link , but its not available in zeebe as yet.

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