How to disable process definition scan in Spring Boot test case?

Hey guys.

I created a Spring Boot application and now define test cases. So far I got everything working fine, I also use the engine configured by Spring Boot properly in my ProcessEngineRule of the unit test. So far so good :slight_smile:

But: As the “normal” engine is started up is also starts a ProcessApplication triggering scan for process definitions. I want to avoid this in the test environment, as I want to provide @Deployment annotations myself.
I created an own src/test/java/META-INF/processes.xml setting isScanForProcessDefinitions=false, but as BOTH processes.xml are found on the classpath this has no effect.

Is there any easy way to disable the scanning in the Spring Boot environment? I do not even have a dediated ProcessApplication class where I could set the location of the deploymentDescriptor :wink:

I appretiate any hints.

PS: I am unfortunately a bit in a hurry. I plan to extract the essence of the learnings here in a small example I can share - but will not make it before next week

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Maybe somehow related to my Issue #2408 “Using test processes in camunda-spring-boot-starter unit tests”.