How to draw obvious start process?

Hello guys, i had a problem wheni validate my BPMN on businessprocessincubator, i’ve got message “The starting conditions of the process are not obvious. Start Events should be used for clarity.” and this solution from them " Add Start Events to indicate how the process should start and connect them to the proper flow elements."
this is my start design, is it not obviously ?

Hi @Matchalattea,

I am not aware on how the businessprocessincubator works, but I think the message says, that you have to add a start event to the pool b and a sequenceflow between that start event and the Receive task.

BTW, is your question in any way related to Camunda tools? If you have question regarding the businessprocessincubator, I would recommend you to contact the guys of businessprocessincubator.


im not sure that’s related with camunda tools or not , but i just test or validate my model from camunda to businessprocessincubator , where should i validate my model?and how about u ?

T@Matchalattea in Camunda a Pool is a separate process. So when you have two pools, and the “b” pool does not have a Start Event, it throws the error/warning

If you got rid of the pools or used 1 pool and Swim lines, the validation error should go away.

Thanks dude, its already done.
How much maximum lane in 1 pools?
do you have any example of models with 2 pools and lanes?

You should be able to get away with a good number of lanes in a single pool. The lanes are just visual. The lanes do not actually do anything from the execution perspective. (Just the way it works in camunda a currently. ).

So you may want to consider does not having the lanes and just annotations. If you think you are going to ace a huge number of lanes, your diagram will likely be easier to read without lanes.

oh thanks sir, so it will be easily to read if i create some models without lanes, right?
and in camunda, how can i create vertical models?cause i cant rotate my pools.

i have 1 model and i wanna split it to be 2 image because ill bring it to some document it its very long image, should i end my first image with intermediate event and continoue with intermediate event too on image 2 ? or its free ,its mean u can end with intermediate or end event and start another image with start event or intermediate event?

You should probably use a link event: