How to Embed a Custom Angular Application in Camunda Modeler

Hi Team,

Instead of going with default forms provided by Camunda, I am planning to use a Custom Application in Angular. However can you share some info on how can we embed this into the Modeler.
Also how will it get displayed in the Task List panel for the user to take action on the User Tasks.

Hello @Saju_John_Sebastian1 ,

the modeler exists to model processes, decisions and forms for Camunda Platform 7/8.

If you want to use a custom tasklist (which is quite common), we first need to find out which platform you are using.


Presently we plan to use Camunda 7

Hello @Saju_John_Sebastian1 ,

so you want to use Camunda 7.
In this case, there are 2 ways:

You use the existing rest api and create a frontend based on this.

You use the existing java api to scope your tasklist api in your preferred format (rest, gql, …) and base your frontend on this.

I hope this helps