How to embed camunda tasklist into a react application using iFrame

My requirement is I want to fully embed the Camunda tasklist into a react application using iFrame. Is that possible in Camunda 8? I am using Camunda 8 self-managed. I embedded Camunda 7 tasklist by disabling the x-frame option and content security policy but was not able to find how can I do the same in Camunda 8.

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I am struggling with the same issue, but for vuejs.

I was able to update the keycloak Content Security Policy, I also found how to update it for Camunda Operate however Camunda Tasklist is still blocking it.

Can you share the solution how to do it for camunda operate.

You can set the CSP for Operate as found here: Configuration | Camunda 8 Docs
So you need to set an environment variable