How to end process when no rule apply in DMN Table?

I created DMN Table which based on two inputs determine one output. I set hit policy on true what in most cases meets my requirements. However sometimes in my process i have inputs which don’t apply to any rule defined in my DMN Table. At this case i would like to end whole process. How can I do it properly ?

Is is a good idea to define another defualt output which would be chosen when no rules applied and attach interupting conditional event on DMN’s activity ? This conditional would be triggered when default output was chosen. And this conditional event would flow to end event.

To clafiry my idea i prepared simple example. In DMN Table I check age and country. If age is <16 or country is not UK or Alaska I would like to end process. For example if country = “USA” I apply third rule which set wrondData on true. And conditional event attached to DMN Table acivity catch this value. This value equals true so the process will end.

I am not satisfied with this solution so i would like to ask if better solution exists ?

dmn table.dmn (2.6 KB) process example.bpmn (4.1 KB)

This solution seems perfectly fine, you could also use a gateway after the DMN table or event an interrupting event sub process. This seems like a perfectly good solution as is.