How to get a list of process instances via Java client in Camunda 8?

The documentation in Working with APIs & Clients | Camunda Platform 8 mentions that the client APIs allow to “Start and cancel process instances”. I struggle to find a way to list all processes using the Java API. Any hints?

Hey @Manuel_Baumann

with the Clients, you can’t get this type of information. What you would normally do is to have an exporter deployed along with your Zeebe system/cluster and export the needed information into an external system, e.g. to elasticsearch and from that you can retrieve such information. You can then for example use Applications provided by Camunda, like Operate/Optimize.

You can take a look at the architecture page for more details Architecture | Camunda Platform 8

Hope that helps.


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In addition to the comment above, Operate provides a REST API to query data like process instances. Read more about it here: Operate API (REST) | Camunda Platform 8


Many thanks for the feedbacks. I followed @Philipp_Ossler 's approach for now. Just from a customer perspective, I’d expect this functionality in the client.