How to get an aggregated result from a multi instance sub process

I have a process In which a user is provided with a list of subtasks e.g. Todo list of a day. which is created from a collection. For each instance, the variables are saved at activity level.
E.g. :
subtask 1: complete
subtask 2: complete
subtask 3: incomplete
subtask 4: complete

I want to get an aggregated result from the subprocess. when any of the instance’s variable value is “incomplete”, the aggregated result should say that the result is “incomplete”.
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multiInstanceTest.bpmn (13.0 KB)


I am not sure if I understood you goal completely.
If you need to get all of the tasks which are “incomplete” (assuming that you have a variable which indicates it.)
You need to query for those tasks which have a process instance variable equal to “incomplete”.
You can use the java api or rest api (

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So, Imagine I have got today’s task with id 1234 and a list of subtasks associated with it. eg

  1. do the household chores
  2. get groceries
  3. feed the dog etc.
    Each has a variable at local level i.e. using execution.setVariableLocal(var name xyz, var value, current-execution id).
    The scope of the local variables is only at subtask level, I need to deduce the result at task level if the subtasks are completed or not using the variable set at subtask level.

I hope this clears my question.


Hi Udit,

Try with
by providing taskVariables and processInstanceId.

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