How to get enable metrics in zeebe, enable promtehus and set grafana for visual metrics of zeebe?

As part of analysing the performance metrics of the zeebe i have isntalled the camunda platform using helm charts on my windows with the default configs only. But now i want the metrics also of the zeebe for which i found the documentation present in camunda but it is very vague and not clear.

I have tried enabling prometheus service monitor but what to do further is not documented.
Also metrics are enabled by default only but they are accessible at the following link http://host:9600/actuator/prometheus instead of http://host:9600/metrics(this aways gives me 404) as mentioned in many of the documents and forum discussions.
Because of above point when i imported the inbuilt grafana dashboard to the local grafana the connection i am not able to set.

Any help or a latest document on how to enable the metrics and further use them in grafana is appreciated ?

As per the latest document the metrics are available at /actuator/metrics instead of /metrics.

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