How to get tasks list in Camunda 8 using Spring Boot?

I was using Spring boot with embedded Camunda (7) engine. And after creating a process instance, I used to get the tasks list using camunda bpm engine TaskService.

But now that I’m starting with Camunda 8, a lot of things have changed.
First, I was able to create a process instance using ZeebeClient, but I don’t know how to get the tasks list !

Does anyone have an idea how to do that ?

Thank you in advance !

Hi @Hanane-Boutzrout

Do you mean a list of User Tasks? For that in Camunda 8 you would use Tasklist: Introduction | Camunda Platform 8. Or else you can write a worker for it, if you don’t want to use Tasklist. See here: User tasks | Camunda Platform 8.


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Yes I mean User Tasks and no I don’t want to use Tasklist !

But don’t the Job Workers work only for Service, Send and Script Tasks ? Since I have to specify the type ? If it’s a no, then could you please provide me with more information ?

And thank you so much !

Hi @Hanane-Boutzrout,

a user task is handled as a service task by the Zeebe engine. It uses a predefined job type io.camunda.zeebe:userTask.

With this job type you can remove the tasklist from your cluster and implement your own app to handle this specific job type.

Hope this helps, Ingo


Thank you so much @Ingo_Richtsmeier for your reply.

But I ended up using


From camunda-tasklist-client-java !

Still, thank you so much for your proposition !

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In Camunda 8, everything is a service task. It uses the external task worker pattern, so everything is the same primitive, discriminated by the task type in the implementation.