How to get the Deployment-History in Camunda?

we are currently creating a timeline. In this timeline we would like to include data from the Camunda History.
I would like to know how to get the complete Deployment-History in Camunda.

Thank you.

Can you give a little more detail of exactly what you mean by Deployment-History?
maybe explain exactly which data in Camunda you need

We want to pull all the information from a timeline that fits a specific process. In detail we know a variable from the process, which is unique.

Therefore we want to achieve the following with it:

  1. Show all history processes
  2. Display variables for processes (to check which entry has the variable “deployment:123”)
  3. Call up history / process details (when was the process started, when was the task at which point in the process and so on)

From the data we want to create a timeline for the process in another tool to give an overview of what happened exactly when.

You should be able to get all the data you need from the history api.

Okay, thank you. We will try that.