How to get the file uploaded in service task?

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I am trying to get the contents of the file that was uploaded in the user task. However I am getting “java.lang.LinkageError” when I try to access instance variable created for the file. Can anyone point out what mistake am I doing ?
diagram_1.bpmn (31.2 KB)

Corresponding java code ::

Fragment of the Error message:

Attaching pom.xml file
pom.xml (3.7 KB)

Alas… such a stupid mistake.
I changed the scope of atifact “camunda-commons-typed-values” to provided and it worked.
I hope this helps for those who are also struggling or facing similar situations.

PFA updated pom.xml
pom.xml (3.6 KB)

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@temp_user Hi, Can you kindly share the complete code to upload a csv or xls file.Actually I want to generate an xls file in a service task and then upload it to camunda cockpit.

I will highly appreciate your help.


Never mind. Its done.


@Waheed Hi. Can you share the java code of how to process the uploaded file.