How to get the process execution path?

Hi, few days ago I deployed a bpm that had an error in the condition of one of the flows. It is a project that has the bpm engine embedded. In the intellij console it showed me the path in the process until reached that error. Something like this:






I corrected the expression and this detail did not appear again. I have a fairly long and complicated process that I have to test and debug, and for that reason, I would like to get the path that was taken from start to finish, at the end of each execution, even if there are no errors. Now I don’t know how to reproduce it, but I saw that it’s possible. Does anyone know how?

I need to do it during the execution of the process, before leaving it, not after I have executed it.


Hi @ariellarraburu,

JUnit tests are a big help here.

Camunda BPM Assert helps you write compact and maintainable tests:

Especially the process coverage visualize what is tested and what not:

And with process instance modification, you can bring the coverage quite easily close to 100%:

Hope this helps, Ingo