How to handle two consecutive gateways?

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the token runs into the first gateway “Permission”. How do I make the token move into the second gateway “cost > 800” at “yes”?

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If token reaches Permission gateway there are two choices. It will move to either Yes edge or No edge.

It will move to Yes edge if the expression is correct, otherwise will fall to No edge because it is marked as default edge (if none of the condition expressions are met token will follow default edge). So in control request form, you must first set approvedByBoss variable to true in order to pass through Yes.

Next token will pass through cost condition gateway. Again you must check for this condition to be true in one of the edges. For example you can write expression for Yes flow as ${myCostVariable > 800} and mark No as default.


thanks for the answer. But I’m still having trouble finding the right solution.

When the user gets assigned to a task in the task list, he has to enter the cost of the request. So, I have defined the myCostVariable at make a request:


But if a user now enters a value in the taskliste, the following error message appears:
(Unknown property used in expression: ${myCostVariable > 800}). Cause: Cannot resolve identifier 'myCostVariable’.

How do I make the cost condition gateway access the entered value so that the token automatically runs into the second gateway if permissionyes and cost > 800?

Can you give more information how you have defined myCostVariable variable? If you have access to Camunda Cockpit, find same process instance and open variables to see what variables exists in the process.

@Matki Try the attached bpmn file:

BPMN File:: sampleprocess.bpmn (10.0 KB)

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