How to implement Azure AD SSO with camunda


I want to implement Azure Active Directory SSO with Camunda.
Found some resources like -

and followed them
but after logging in, i am not able to view anything like cockpit/admin etc and getting 401 error after successful login.
guide me towards right direction.
Is there any step by step guide or fully functional boilerplate for the same.


Hi @vivekkarn,

This example seems to be not in the community hub and it says that the last commit was in November 2020. I am not sure if it is maintained. Maybe you could reach out to the repository owner to find out more about it. I am not aware of another example. Might be helpful if you provide your solution afterwards to the community :slight_smile:


Hi @Nele ,

I tried to use community hub example -

But getting errors on compile. This example is 2 years old.

Also i have created an issue for the other one, i am using right now.
Let’s see.

And of course i will share my learnings afterward.
By the way here is the thread on stackoverflow for the same question -


Here is complete error log for community hub example -

Error Log -

Hey @vivekkarn ,

thanks for creating the github repos with the error logs. Unfortunately I am not familiar with the code example but maybe someone here in the community is and can point you to the right direction :crossed_fingers:

Hi @vivekkarn , your autowiring might fail if your azure client id and secret are incorrect. These are the last lines of the application.yaml. Did you fill these out correctly?

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Hi @tofertek,
Now i am able to compile and log in, and autowiring is not failing.
Reason was - i was using -

      allowed-groups: camunda-admin

instead of provided - active-directory-groups: camunda-admin

because it was showing deprecated.

Now here are few things like -

Before login -
(1) some anonymous user is logged in

And after log in-

(1) name of logged in user is visible but there are no apps for him
(2) log in option with Microsoft is still visible