How to implement custom Field type in Camunda 8

They have some limited data types when using the Camunda 8 form.
So, in some scenarios, we might want to provide a date and file as input types.
how to deal with this scenario in Camunda 8.

Hello @Sanmugam ,

Camunda 8 Tasklist relies on form.js as form builder and form renderer.

If the features are not sufficient for your use cases (I see they are not), you could create a custom tasklist that uses your preferred form handling and connects to Tasklist via GraphQL.

Here is an example: camunda-8-code-examples/camunda-8-process-application at main · camunda-consulting/camunda-8-code-examples · GitHub

I hope this helps


Thank you @jonathan.lukas can you explain briefly?

If you need a brief explanation, it is probably not the solution for you - it is not brief. You have to implement an entire frontend for the Tasklist yourself.

Otherwise, see this reply on this post: Forms with modeler - calendar or additional javascript, select options from backend - #2 by christian-konrad.


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