How to: install camunda plugin

Hello Community,

I am trying to install this color spectrum plugin: GitHub - richig-vienna/camunda-modeler-bpmn-js-plugin-spectrum-color-picker: bpmn-js Spectrum Color Picker Plugin for the Camunda Modeler

I have not succeeded in this. Could someone care to explain the steps I need to take as if I am a moron?

I tried putting the contents in the plugin folder but with no success.

Thanks for the effort!

@Roy1 Which operating system are you using?

For Mac OS, refer this post:

@aravindhrs Thanks for your reply.

My OS is windows 10.

@Roy1 For windows, extract the plugins in this camunda modeler installation folder:

Path: \camunda-modeler-4.12.0-win-x64\resources\plugins


After copying the plugins into camunda modeler installation directory, restart the camunda modeler. Then you can find the Plugins menu in the toolbar.

Thank you it worked!

love you.