How to integrate Camunda with liferay?

I just want to integrate camunda with Liferay (7.0). I didn’t found any helpful resource to get started with it.

The REST API would be a good starting point, most integration is implemented that way.

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Thank you @Niall

I had tried sample demo of camunda rest service from your video and reference link that you provided. That works fine.

Is there any other way to integrate camunda with liferay (7.0)

Not being familiar with liferay’s capabilities myself, i don’t know. I haven’t come across anyone who’s tried to integrate with it either.

So if you can let us know how you get on with your integration it would be very interesting.

If you could tell us about your usecase, people can provide the feedback.

As Niali, stated rest service is the starting point for simple integration. From portlet, you can submit a form and perform the action request and pass the variable or kick off the process instance to start will be one of the them. This can be used external to the portlet or bundle camunda jars inside the portlet application.