How to kill Processinstances of a Process through another Process?

Hi all,

new to BPMN, Camunda, the Forum and Executable Workflows I´m moddeling a fictive Process for my University-Module. I hope i do not copy another question but i didn´t find an answer and sorry for using “Process” so heavy.

The Process is in BPMN 2.0, for automated Tasks i´m using Java and the Process will run in Cockpit.

Since the Topic could be confusing i try to explain my question. I have a “Main-Process” that starts several Instances of another Process by messages (for different assignees). These Processes are not declared as Subprocesses or Linked to Call-Activities. At the end of my Main-Process i want to kill all unfinished Instances of these Processes. Has anybody an idea how to do that at best using Java?

Thanks for help! :slight_smile:

Well - i wouldn’t do it using java, it’s easy enough to do that in BPMN using an interrupting event sub process with a signal event listening for a signal sent from the originating process.

Something that looks kinda like this:

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Ok Wow thats realy a simple solution. Thank you

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