How to know Multi Instance loopCounter in other parts of the BPMN

In my BPMN I have a DMN that has a List of Map results which I then send through an inclusive gateway to multiple destinations. Each of those uses MultiInstance processing to loop through the list. How can I gain access to the loopCounter of each MultiInstance in later steps of the model? For instance in the Timer event it needs to read one of the values in the DMN Map results so it needs to know the loopCounter to know which Map entry is being processed by the MultiInstance.

However when I try to use loopCounter in an expression for the Timer delay it says the variable is not known.

In the attached pic you can see my BPMN. I need everything that happens after the ‘Publish to Agent & Expect Response’ task to know about the multiple loops processing the DMN List results. How can I do this?

I’ve very new to BPMN any other suggestions on my model are very welcome.