How to know the meaning of every REST API

Can you show me how to know the meaning of every REST API in docs ? My English is not good but everything in docs is only endpoints.They don’t mention example or anything else which explain how these endpoints work. Can you add some explannation in docs ? Thank you.

If you click on the hypertext of those rest api’s, you can find the description for rest api and field level too. Additionally you can find request/response samples also.

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Thank you, I only click one time so it doesn’t lead to end page which show description

yes correct. Each topic will have list of rest endpoints for various CRUD operations. So from list page you can navigate to specific endpoint and you can find more details. This is the common pattern across the camunda documentation.

By the way, where I can learn the structure of a flow in camunda ( variable, task, instance,id ,time, message,…) ?