How to load blob data into Camunda


We have existing Bpm tool which saves case / work Object data as blob (I’m sure you guys know what tool I’m talking about :wink:
If we plan to move to Camunda how can I get all those work objects from existing system to Camunda.?

Can you migrate the content into a new object format that you build in camunda?

Camunda saves its data as blob/byte array for objects (example: json and xml types).

The case data I plan to migrate is sitting Bpm tool proprietary database.

Okay, but my question still remains. Can you do a migration? Does the tool have a Rest API that you can read each case and copy the JSON data?

That’s not existing in the tool, we can build one though.

How do we proceed from there

Are you migrating to CMMN cases in camunda? or is a “case” a BPMN process?

We want to convert those cases to cmmn in Camunda

I could see doing something like this:


For Each item in the array you process it using a Multi-instance Task. The script task could run a script that uses Camunda Java API to generate CMMN and that way the CMMN would be created and not be connected to your bpmn process that created/migrated them

This should help get started with some examples.
Is there a GitHub project on this?

You can just use the Http-connect and javascript to do it all. Nothing to code in java or custom libs to deploy.


Could take a look at: if you want a github template for non-java deployments

thanks this is helpful