How to make customizable forms in Camunda 8 desktop modeler

I need to create a form with custom fonts and RTL direction. According to the official Camunda 8 docs, the section on User task forms, I can either use a linked form (directly deploys the latest version of the form using its link declaration) or an embedded form (by declaring the JSON configuration in the user task) to create a form that can be rendered in the tasklist. I believe that using custom for key will not show the form in the tasklist.
How can I style my form elements? I have already tried inline styling in JSON:

      "text": "<h1 align='center' style='font-family: Vazirmatn; color: #4A90E2;'>\n  (Test)\n</h1>\n",
      "label": "Text view",
      "type": "text",
      "layout": {
        "row": "Row_1ehyhz1",
        "columns": 16
      "id": "Field_11ua4fj",
      "properties": {}

But when I start the process in the tasklist, it cannot render the colors and the font.

Hi @okaeiz
I’m not sure that it’s possible in Camunda 8.