How to model a client phone call within initiated process


I’m modeling a process that tries to automate the re-schedule of a meeting. When we know that we need to reschedule a meeting, we send an email where the client can accept/reject the new schedule by clicking on links. If after an hour we don’t have an answer we want to call the client and ask him about re-scheduling.

What I’m trying to model is how to manage if clients call us before we call them. As there’s a process instance related to this client and specific issue, I would love my team to “capture” the call within the process.

For the moment, to keep working within my team we model it with an intermediate message catching event (“Clients calls”), but I know this is not the right way to do it.

Any help to understand how to model this is appreciated!

reschedule.bpmn (15.9 KB)

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Hi Emiliano, your model is exactly doing what your requirement describes. So there is actually no issue with it. As with any language there are always several ways to express a certain requirement. One would be to use a subprocess to cover the expected incoming messages and attaching boundary events to this subprocess to handle the “corner case” events like the incoming call from the client or the timer event.
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reschedule.bpmn (15.8 KB)

Thanks for your reply @McAlm! I like your proposal.

One thing that’s still not clear is how to actually connect that phone call to the boundary event, ue: how does the process knows that there’s this such a call. I was looking for a simpler way (ie: user task) to invoke that subroutine. Any hint on how to implement this?


Hi @ecastano,

the person picking up the phone has to translate it into the message API:

It’s available as REST API as well:

Put this POST request behind a button in a html form asking for the meeting ID.

Hope this helps, Ingo

Thanks @Ingo_Richtsmeier, the solution was so simple that I overlooked it. Thanks again.