How to model receiving message from multi instance pools

Hi I’m using a multiinstance pool to model sending a request for quote to multiple sellers and then I will receive multiple ack messages and multiple prices from the sellers.

Below is my process model.
I send a quote request to multiple sellers. Then each seller can acknowledge the quote request and then price the quote request. With my model, one seller is able to acknowledge and price and since the buyer process is going forward, the next seller is not able to ack.

it is failing with the message - Cannot correlate message ‘QuoteRequestAck’: No process definition or execution matches the parameters.

How can I model the process to be able to receive multiple acknowledgements and multiple prices but I don’t want to wait till all acknowledgements are received to get the price message?

What if you create multiinstnace subprocess after your first service task in buyer model. ? Based on number of seller create those many muti-subprocess.

Thanks Pradeep.
There is a need to serialize after agreement and also the ability to go back to parallel mode if the seller says the price has changed after the buyer tries to agree to a quote. If I use a multiinstance subprocess, I have to kill all instances when I have to serialize the execution. In the above I’m using the buyside pool to take care of the serialization but keep the mutliple sellside for the parallel part.