How to model the participation in a meeting from a supplier (black box pool)?

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I’m modelling a business process for my company in Adonis. In one part I’d like to model a meeting, which is organized by the staff of our company but the representatives of the supplier is also part of the meeting. The supplier is modelled as a black box pool. How can I model this situation in BPMN?

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I have no idea how to do it Adonis i’m sorry to say but with Camunda’s Desktop Modeler or on Cawemo you just need to drag the pool from the pallet and drop in on the canvas

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My question is not mainly about the handling in a tool. Sorry, for being unclear. Its more about how to model the situation (external entity participates in a meeting from my company) correctly in BPMN. I don’t really find an answer to this question in BPMN 2.0. I only find how to model information sending from my process to an external process and vice versa.

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Hello @Christian_Kupferschm ,

this diagram is a possible way to model a meeting. As you can see, I would use a synchronous messaging pattern. This indicates that the attendant is “blocked” in the meantime.

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Hi @jonathan.lukas

Thanks for your suggestion! This gives me good inputs and helps a lot.

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