How to Module and implement for each i camunda

I want to start a process for each word in a list, I have looked into Multi-Instance, but that is something I don’t want, I don’t want to make instances, I want to make completely separate processes for each word in the list.

Multi-Instance is actually the right way to go.

For-Do looping pretty much directly translates to Sequential Multi-Instance.

  1. Generate your array of values
  2. Do X for the current item in the array
  3. If there’s another item, move to the next item and go to Step 2.

The “Gotcha” part that you might have missed is that you can make a “Call Activity” a multi-instance as well. This runs a completely distinct (and re-usable) process for each item in your collection. It will have a reference in it to indicate that it was called by your initial process (mostly so the calling process knows when the called process is completed)

Basically, in Step 2 of the above, it would be similar to replacing "Do X with “Run this other program for the values in this point of the list”