How to pass Dynamic process id in Call Activity?

I am trying to pass the process id dynamically based on response from previous step but the “Process Id” section in “Call Activity” is not accepting anything other than string values.

Where as , the documentation says :
" Usually, the processId is defined as a static value (e.g. shipping-process ) but it can also be defined as expression (e.g. = "shipping-" + tenantId ). The expression is evaluated on activating the call activity and must result in a string ."

Can someone suggest if we are doing something wrong?

Hey @Lipsy

which version of the modeler are you using?


Modeler Version is 0.11.0.

This is a known issue in the modeler: The UI incorrectly complains when FEEL expressions are used in Call activity Process ids · Issue #290 · zeebe-io/zeebe-modeler · GitHub

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