How to poll for completion of a workflow process instance in Spring boot camunda

I am using Spring boot camunda for proptotyping a usecase for the below bpmn

stopWorkflowMidway.bpmn (10.3 KB)

I have marked Task B and Task C as asyncBefore=true since i want them to be run asynchronously.

In Task D i am deciding the Response of the workflow. But since Task B and C are async the main execution thread is returned back as soon as Task A is finished.

Is there any way i can get to know that process is completed and how to get the output variable set in Task D. I need wait till the whole execution is complete in the main application thread.

you need to implement a messaging pattern with your API. You would not use the camunda API response, but rather you wait for a async message to be returned.

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Is there no HistoryEvent or something similar to get informed if the process instance is considered as completed?

I’ll need this functionality as well. I’m building a framework which needs to react on the completeness of a process instance to create other instances programmatically.

I don’t want to know the End State activity, but want to implement a generic aspect-like behavior where the application reacts on the completion of process instances.

For me it sounds like a common use case, isn’t?