How to populate default camunda form 'Select' from Json dynamically

Hi here is my defalt camunda form with a select component -

  "schemaVersion": 2,
  "components": [
      "values": [],
      "label": "Select Your Options",
      "type": "select",
      "id": "Field_1yodz2f",
      "key": "field_1gtpvd1",
      "description": "Here you need to select your option"
  "type": "default",
  "id": "Form_0iecxbp",
  "executionPlatform": "Camunda Platform",
  "executionPlatformVersion": "7.16"

and here i am sending a json as myData from my external service client -

{myData=[{"id":1,"name":"This is one","value":"value11","localName":"this is local name 11"},{"id":2,"name":"This is Two","value":"value22","localName":"this is local name 22"}]}

Now i want to populate my default camunda form select with this myData.
Any help on on how to achieve this.