How to programmatically deploy a process definition

I am new to Camunda and currently a bit stuck. I try to programmatically create a new process definition and get that into the engine. I just cannot find the place where that happens. Any hints on how a self created process definition can be deployed to the workflow engine?
Thx already in advance.

You can learn how to do that as part of the tutorial videos:

Hi Niall,
thanks a lot for the response. I looked already through the videos (great stuff there) but haven’t found what I was looking for yet.

My flow looks a bit like this:

  • there is a GUI where the user can create tasks
  • there is an embedded Camunda engine running
  • I would like to create a process definition based on what the user created and add that to the running engine (all via the Java API)
    Is this possible in any way or do I have to use the Camunda GUI to deploy the process definitions into the engine?

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It may not be exactly what you’re looking for - but the Camunda Modeler has the ability for users to build and deploy processes via the REST api to a remote engine.

programmatically deploy:


Hi Niall,

I am modelling processes in Signavio. Wondering how Camunda can execute these processes? Can you explain with a video?


It’s probably a little bit to basic to require a video in truth.

  • Load up the model in the Camunda modeler
  • Use the properties panel to add the execution semantics to the symbols
  • Then deploy try to it to Camunda

You can likely follow a lot of the existing videos which is nice.