How to provide basic authentication in spring boot YAML file for External Task Camunda engine URL?

I have followed Spring Boot Starter for the External Task Client - Camunda to configure external task for the topic, I am getting:
POST http://localhost:8080/rest/engine/default/external-task/fetchAndLock HTTP/1.1’ returned error: status code ‘401’ - message: status code: 401

Camunda engine has enabled basic authentication,SO i am not sure what should i provide in YAML file to access the URL:

Here is a snippet from my application.yaml file

base-url: http://localhost:8080/rest/engine/default # the URL pointing to the Camunda Platform Runtime REST API
lock-duration: 10000 # defines how many milliseconds the External Tasks are locked until they can be fetched again
load-data: # topic name of the External Service Task
process-definition-key: postifpayplus_main # only filter for External Tasks with this process definition key

If you’ve downloaded the most recent distro of Camunda the default base url should be

There are few customizations done in my application to override the default URL.
I am able to Call all Rest APIs from JAVA classes after providing basic authentication.

I am not sure how should i provide the basic authentication for External task configuration in YAML file.

You can add this to your application.yaml

    username: "demo"
    password: "demo"