How to remove holidays in timer boundary event?

hi. I’m doing a process auto stop feature.I used timer boundary event.

I want to stop this process in three days, But holidays are not counted. Do you have such a problem?

Instead of hard-coding the timer to P3D you could use an expression #{timeDuration} and the before the process starts you could add a service task that counts the number of days plus holiday days and set that to the variable timeDuration .

That would probably work.

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Thank you. This is a good solution。Can I customize a timer?

i need to use timer cycle reapeating every 5 days but it should not count Saturday and sunday
what can i do

You can also solve this by using expression as Niall suggested and model it in a way that timer is recreated every time it fires (this is required to re-evaluate expression every time it fires)

But isn’t this the special case? Every 5 days (5*24 hours) unless starts at Monday 00:00 always have Saturday and Sunday which counts to 7 days. Thus you can simply use P7D as timer definition.