How to retrieve Extension properties of a task

I’m trying to figure out if I could fetch “Extension properties” of a user task during runtime using RuntimeEngine services.

I did struck onto this article Extension properties - #18 by StephenOTT, but wanted to know if there is a call (related to process instance ID… or something I could pull from there), which would allow me to get to those properties and read them.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Draakzward,

no, there is no other API to read extension properties than the one which Phillipp explained in the same thread: Extension properties - #2 by Philipp_Ossler

You can only get the BPMN diagram as XML and have a deeper look with the model API for any extension properties.

Hope this helps, Ingo


Was hoping that maybe something has changes since that topic.

But I’m still concerned that I can get a BPMNModel through DelegateExecution, from which I can access the

StartEvent startEvent = modelInstance.newInstance(StartEvent.class);
ExtensionElements extensionElements = startEvent.getExtensionElements();

Meaning that the data (or a path to that data) exists somewhere in the execution.

Aaaand, I was right.

Debugging the flow from an executor, I was able to reproduce the steps for getting a BpmnModelInstance → BpmnElementModelInstance, from which I could retrace the call for getting the Extension properties by TaskID.