How to retrieve external task id using the rest api

I can get a list of external tasks with the rest api call like this:


Then when I want to retrieve a single external task, I have to provide its externalTaskID:

But this information is not shown in the external task list, as per description of the api:

So how am I supposed to find out the external-task id?


I’m not that familiar with external tasks. However, and what follows may be obvious so I apologize if it is, if Camunda is tracking, using, or establishing some sort of relationship, with any “object”, it is stored in the Camunda database. The REST API often is just an easy access point for an underlying SQL query.

Not all information one might require is accessible through a REST API method, so you might need to derive this information via a direct SQL call. We don’t use external tasks at this time, so I can’t be sure, but it would appear that the ACT_RU_EXT_TASK table might contain the information you’re looking for.

Hi @lgm2012,

please have a closer look at the response. It contains an id field which is the id of the external task. :wink:

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