How to return to the start node

Hello, how can I return to the initiator? Because the start node cannot be returned, I can only create a new initiator node for return

Hi @icefox,

  • In your start event, set initiator attribute to the value initiator so a process variable named “initiator” would be automatically created on the start of the process and holds the value of the initiator.

  • Create an extra user task and set assignee attribute to #{initiator}.

  • Now you can draw the outgoing sequence flows to return to this extra user task.

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Thank you for your reply. Is that what you mean

After the initiator initiates the application, the approver of the first step is the initiator himself, which is obviously unreasonable. Should this step be skipped automatically

Should this flow chart be drawn like this

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Yes, your last model is the correct model

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Ok.Thank you for your reply