How to run Optimize without Identity, Keycloak, and PostgreSQL?

Hi there,

are there any opportunities to run Optimize without Identity, Keycloak, and PostgreSQL in the Self-Managed non-production environment?

I see in documentation (Camunda Platform 8 installation overview | Camunda Platform 8 Docs) that Optimize requires only Elasticsearch. But if I start Zeebe+Elasticsearch+Operate+Tasklist+Optimize through docker compose, I see auth errors in the Optimize log (Operate and Tasklist work correcty with the demo user at the same time).

Hi @bulbenov ,
To use C8 Optimize you will need Identity (which requires keycloak) and Zeebe as well. With the PostgreSQL requirement you’re referring to the Modeller I assume? I am not sure if there is an option to run the self managed web modeler without PostgreSQL, for that question best open a separate question in the Modeler category.

Hi @Helene ,
Thank you for your answer! It seems this link confused me about the requirements for Optimize deployment.
I use standalone Modeller, so I think PostgreSQL will be optional in my case.