How to run Token Plugin

In order to test my BPMN model, which was created in Camunda Modeler V 3.0.1, the token plugin was downloaded from and copied into the plugins directory of Camund Modeler: C:\Program Files\camunda-modeler-3.0.1-win-x64\plugins\bpmn-js-token-simulation-plugin-master. As the plugins directory did not exist I just created a new one.

Following the How to Use description on GitHub ( the token plugin should work after restarting the Camunda Modeler. Unfortunately there is no Token Plugin after restarting my Camunda Modeler.

Is there something I missed in the installation process?
Do I need to activate the plugin also in the Camunda Modeler?
Thanks in advance.

According to the project README - token simulation works with version 2.2.x of the modeler. I’m not sure if it’s been updated for version 3 @philippfromme would know :slight_smile:

Make sure the plugin is not inside a nested folder inside the plugins folder. Usually, after unzipping the downloaded repository it is inside a nested folder and therefore will not be found.

Thank you both for your responses. That’s how it looks in my progam folder: The unzipped plugin is in the plugins folder…

Unfortunately it does not work.
Do I need to do more that just download, unzip and restart?
Could it be the version which does not work or which is not compatible with the Camunda Modeler?

Your directory should look like this:

Can you check if that works?

Hi Philipp, yes this works.
I already checked the solution of your answer from June 13.
Best regards.

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Does it work with Camunda Modeler version 4.0.0

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@sangeetamacwan Yes, it will work