How to send email notification to users after task completion

My requirement is to send Send Email Notification for every user task…i want to know is there any way to do this

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Use process plugin. Below reference

is there any simpler way to send email notification whenever any user complete any task

Check out this example:
You can easily adapt it such that the email is sent on task completion.

You can then combine it with this example:
This will make sure that an email is sent for every user task.

This is the most simple way there is.

edit: You can also check out the Camunda BPM reactor extension which can probably save you some of the glue code.


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How can I add these two examples to wildfly, if I have combined them?
I tried mvn install and got .jar file. Then I moved it to /wildfly/server/…/standalone/deployments. I can see my .jar file in logs, but nothing works.