How to set current date as a new variable in task execution listener?

Hi! Usually-business-but-tech-curious user here, please be kind.

I need to calculate how long it takes from the start of Task1 to the end of Task2.

I got stuck in the first step which is using task execution listener with that setup:
and this script execution.setVariable("dataSolicitacaoExame",now()) to register when the first task starts.

This is the error I get:
Cannot instantiate process definition SimuladorTestesProcess:6:52202cec-f8b2-11ec-9f19-e4a8dff3b940: Unable to evaluate script while executing activity 'InsereVariavelTask' in the process definition with id 'SimuladorTestesProcess:6:52202cec-f8b2-11ec-9f19-e4a8dff3b940':org.graalvm.polyglot.PolyglotException: ReferenceError: now is not defined [ start-instance-error ]

Tips on how to overcome this first step that went wrong already? :joy:

Camunda internally records that info.

The first two metrics might be of interest to you.

You should be able to capture those metrics and determine the time between them.

Hope this helps.

Hi @Neeniih,

another view on the data that the engine collects come from the history service.

A good start could be this API call with a given processInstanceId as query parameter: Get Historic Activity Instances |

Hope this helps, Ingo

@htaylor @Ingo_Richtsmeier

I should mention that I not only need to calculate how long it takes from one point to another but I also need to set an score for the resulting time.

I thought about doing that by using a DMN but to do so I need both dates as variables.

Not sure how to connect that with what you’ve provided me.

Try this to get the current datetime

execution.setVariable("dataSolicitacaoExame", "" + new Date());